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So you want to read more about this 3 day journey, good. We continued on passing Little Round Top to the west and enjoying the views of the area to the east. The sky was clear with a gentle breeze. We generally were headed up now crossing many late season snow feed creeks and through many more wild flower displays. We weren't sure where we wanted to end up today to spend the night but knew we had to get to the top of the surrounding ridge before calling it a day.



Here are the views to the east. Just awesome really. Could have used a fish eye lens on this trip to capture the scene in this bowl.



Here is a shot looking back at the trail. All the green you see is the leaves of all the wildflowers.



Leo pointed these flowers deciding to challenge themselves by living under a granite rock. Amazing they were able to survive.



So we decided that the top of this ridge was going to be hard to top for views and it looked like others had camped here before. Good enough for us for our second night. Eric and I were talking about the surrounding features after a map check. Although from the arm pointing I am not sure we agreed on the locations of those features....



The view from this campsite was spectacular. Being a little open we were also hoping that the mosquitoes would leave us be. They were smaller in number but still present. We also has quite a few giant ants in the area but we decided we would take the additional ants over more mosquitoes any day.



Leo had the best view from his hammock site. I was very jealous of his setup on this trip.



With almost a full moon out this night it made for quite bright night shots. It looks like this was taken during the day but it was really dark at this point... well dark by full moon standards.



Here is Leo making sure we are leaving no trace before he hit the trail in the morning. We got an early start today as we wanted to try to get out to civilization by late lunch..



The next section crosses a stream initially and then mostly level with a mix of covered to open sections. Still some snow fields to cross but nothing very big.



Here is the junction to Schneiders Cow Camp to left. Stay right/straight to Echo Summit. Short uphill section next then a more gradual uphill that is semi-covered.



Here is Eric crossing one of the snow fields. I tried to have him stand on the middle for a picture but he wasn't willing. Could have made for a great action shot Eric :-).


Junction to Sayles Camp is next. Stay straight/right to Echo Summit. Continue on mostly covered section now until next junction.


Next junction is to Bryan Meadow to left. Stay straight/right and go uphill for the next part for a moderate, but covered, climb.



The trail is still covered in spots. At least I am pretty sure we are on/above the trail here.



Still some wildflowers where the snow wasn't. This was a huge field of mule ears blossoming.



After another creek crossing you start your decent. See profile below. Here we are following that creek down. You can see the more traditional rock of Desolation Wilderness now, granite. We must be getting closer to Echo Summit and Desolation Wilderness.



Keep your eyes out for Lake Tahoe as you descend. You can see the clearing for the airport and then the lake behind it. There are many vantage points to catch a glimpse on the way down.




The trail is steep, switchbacky and rocky so take your time and be thankful you are not climbing it.



Some more clouds today but still perfect blue skies as the backdrop.



This picture give you an idea of the trail conditions. Kinda rocky.




Trail crosses this boulder field. You probably don't want to pick this spot to eat lunch.



You eventually get to the end of this long decent and cross a bridge. Trail changes to mostly covered and flat. Your knees will be glad that the downhill is over at this point. If you are headed the other way be ready for some serious uphill.



Follow route markers along the way. Only one tricky spot here where you go left/uphill just past this sign.




Continue to follow PCT markers to dirt road, you will take a right onto dirt road.



Continue past privately run snow park (closed this time of year by gate). Even have cameras setup to monitor. Apparently a secure snow park..



Almost to car now. Vehicles can be seen at the small parking above Leo's head. We were happy to see the lot as this day turned out to be a little further than we thought. I think the twists and turns of the downhill added some mileage as our last day was 7 miles. Overall a great trip. I would recommend that you see this area. There are may trailhead/Lake options and even this longer thru hike option that could be done in as little as a day should you be inclined. This is a popular section of the TRT for a reason so be sure to check it out. If you want to beat the crowds do it midweek.



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Red line shows the section of the Tahoe Rim Trail we hiked. Elevation profile below map.Click on map or profile for larger version.
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