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My current gear list as of August 2018:

Of course as any backpacker/hiker knows this is my normal list but as conditions change I change the gear I bring accordingly. Also, I am not saying that any of the gear below is what you need to buy, but it is what I have found that works the best for me after trying out numerous options (and I am always willing to try something new). I have 3 tents and many sleeping bags so I switch those according to weather/season. If I am in a group I gladly share some of the group gear (as in I don't carry it all myself).


Most of the time:

JetBoil (first generation)
MSR Water filter (Sweet water)
Platypus 1 Gallon water bag (for water at camp)
Platypus 2 L bag with hose for the trail
REI insulated mug
High density plastic small shovel and toilet paper
Down REI bag (It used to have quite a few more feathers, as it is 30 years old now)
Cotton/Poly blend sleeping bag liner (even if it is warm I can at least sleep in my liner)

Permaware long spoon ("Long Spah")
Scout UL2 tent (it is lighter than my one person and uses my trekking poles)
Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad (Neo Air is too warm/noisy for me lately)
Gregory Baltoro 75 (yeah it is heavy, but it is comfortable even with a heavy load)
Unscented Backwoods Cutter (DEET)
50 feet of colored parachute cord (the bright orange one stands out nicely)
Sunblock (I use a waterproof SPF 30)
Columbia wide brimmed hat (foldable, although I never fold it, I do starch it)
REI Synthetic Pants
REI rain Jacket
hiking socks and liners (actually using toed socks lately with no liners)
Longsleeve synthetic shirt with pit zips and role up sleeves
Lowa Renegade Hiking Boots
Trekking poles, Cascade Mountain Tech (Costco)
REI midweight long underwear top and bottom (for nighttime/cold weather)
Midweight gloves
Fleece balaclava
extra pair of socks
Lightweight down mid layer (even if I don't wear it I need something for a pillow)
rain paints (waterproof them once a year)
2 lighters
waterproof matches
deck of cards
pen and paper
map of area you are in
Garmin Etrex 30x GPS unit with extra batteries
Emergency beacon, ACR Electronics ResQLink+
Foot kit includes (tincture of iodine,scissors, foot powder, moleskin pre cut at home)
First aid kit with bandana, pain meds, anti-diarrhea meds, headache reliever, tweezers, bandaids, tiger balm, sting-eze, rubber gloves, sterile wound pads, antibiotic ointment, etc.
bungie cord
whistle (built into the pack sternum strap)
Camera (Canon 60D with extra batteries and very compact tripod for night shots)
Hand sanitizer
Extra garbage bags (for covering pack, trash, a rain jacket in a pinch)
Small tarp (emergency shelter)
Personal kit includes (soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, Kleenex, lip balm)
in film canister (20 dollar bill and 2 dollars in quarters)
cell phone with fully charged battery (sometimes will carry a battery pack)
Cascade Design small pack towel
Food: Mountain House 20 oz entree for dinner (They are good and a snap to prepare. Not to mention no need to wash dishes!)



MSR Whisperlite white gas stove
1 L Pot with lid (I usually am only boiling water)
11 oz MSR Fuel bottle
zero degree bag
MSR Denali snow shoes
Snow Shovel
Snow probe

Here is some of my gear while camping at Grouse Lake (old pic but much is the same).










Snow stove setup, minus the snow.